Displayed here are some miscellaneous Old Spice bottles that do not neatly fit into the other categories.

Quick Picks: Rare P&G Bottle, Sample Bottles, Aerosol Cologne, Canada After Shave, Store Testers, Spray After Shave & Cologne, Sensitive After Shave

Rare Procter & Gamble Bottle

old spice bottle old spice bottle old spice bottle

I picked this bottle up several years ago and have never seen one since nor do I know its history or purpose.  This bottle is in the classic Old Spice shape but has a metal flip top.  Embossed on the bottom is "OLD SPICE" around the edge, and in the center is a "P" inside a larger "G", which I interpret to be the Procter & Gamble trademark.

If you know anything about this bottle please contact me!

Sample Bottles

old spice bottle   old spice bottle  old spice bottle
 old spice bottle   old spice bottle old spice bottle
These are examples of some trial size products that I and other collectors have come across.  The bottles are only 2 to 3 inches tall and hold about 0.5 ounces.

Sample Botte 1956

These sample bottles are 3.5 inmches tall and hel 1 oz. of product. The graphica and stopper style are identical to the 1956 style tradiyional bottle.

Aerosol Cologne - 1964 to 1967

old spice bottle This aerosol cologne for men sold for only a few years starting in 1964.  It held 3.5 ounces of cologne (product id 3729).

Canada After Shave

old spice bottle  old spice bottle   I cannot date these very well.  They are obviously different styles and therefore from different time periods.  They have bi-lingual labels but are made for the Canadian market.  Note the one on the left is the fragrance Leather.

Spray Store Testers - 1980s

old spice bottleold spice bottle

These pump spray testers date from the 1980s.  They were placed on the shelves along with the product so customers could get a whiff of Old Spice.
old spice bottle This store Tester delivered a shot of Old Spice Lime.

Spray After Shave & Cologne 1990s

old spice bottleold spice bottle

These are examples of small spray cologne bottles. Both date after 1990. Note the bottle on the right is for the UK market and is priced in sterling.

Sensitive - 1980s


old spice bottleold spice bottle

In the early 1980s an alcohol-free "sensitive" formula was available.