These novelty decanters first appeared shortly after the acquisition of Shulton by the American Cyanamid Company in 1972.  These bottles are not to be confused with Avon Products.   Avon sold men's fragrances in a wide variety of interesting decanters, but they never sold Old Spice. To assist with identification, the Product ID is listed where known.

Quick Picks: Admiral Decanter; Admirals Flask; Binoculars; Blue glass ship; Burley Captain Decanter; Cannon; Bicentennial Coins; Great Men of the Sea; Flying Cloud; Lanterns; Life Ring; Lighthouse; Queen Elizabeth Jubilee; Scrimshaw; Bells; Ship Magic & White Star; Ship's Telegraph; Ship's Wheel; English Ship Wheel; Super Spark;  Super Bowl XX; Tankard; Telescopes; White Porcelain Sailboat

The Admirals - 1973 to 1975; 1981 to 1984

old spice bottleold spice bottle
old spice bottle  The first Admiral decanter appeared in 1973 and sold until 1975.  The Admiral on the left is called "Flint" (Product ID 3227); the admiral at right is called "Opal" (Product Id 3226).  Each held 6 ounces of after shave. 

old spice bottleold spice bottle
old spice bottle  The Admiral appeared again from 1981 until 1984 in two styles of applied trim (Product ID 3634), 

Admiral's Flask - 1986 to 1991

old spice bottleold spice bottle

The Admiral's Flask was sold from 1986 to 1991 (Product ID 33440) and held 7 ounces of after shave.  The package at right is from a 1988 catalog.

Binoculars - 1973

old spice bottleold spice bottle

The Binocular Decanter sold in 1973 (Product ID 3229) with 6 ounces of after shave.

Blue Glass Ship Decanter - 1973 to 1975

old spice bottleold spice bottle

The Green Glass Ship Decanter (Product ID 3228) held 6 ounces of after shave.

Burley Captain's Decanter - Early 1970s

old spice bottle

I do not know the precise date of this decanter, but Burley was sold from 1967 to 1973, and an early 1970s date is consistent with other specialty decanters introduced after 1972.

Cannon - 1973

old spice bottleold spice bottle

The Cannon decanter (Product ID 4356); packaging shown at left. 6 ounces of after shave.

Bicentennial Commemorative Coin Series - 1975

old spice bottle

To help commemorate the U.S. bicentennial, these three "coin" decanters were sold in 1975 (Product ID 3782. Three coins commemorate George Washington (left), John Paul Jones (center) and Thomas Jefferson (right).  Each held 6 ounces of after shave.

Great Men of the Sea Series - 1976 to 1977

old spice bottle

Great Men of the Sea commemorative coin decanters recognized Ferdinand Magellan, Christopher Columbus and Leif Erickson.  1976 Product ID 3782; 1977 Product ID 3838.  Held 6 ounces of after shave.

Lantern Decanters - 1973 to 1980

old spice bottle

The leftmost lantern above held after shave (Product ID 3735) and the center lantern held lime (Product ID 3525).  Both were sold from 1973 to 1975.  The green bottle on the right held after shave (Product ID 3632).

old spice bottle

The above pictures from Old Spice sales literature show the original after shave and lime lanterns in clear plastic cases from 1973 (left), and the newer design bottle containing after shave with a 1978 to 1980 package (right).

 old spice bottleold spice bottle

This Ship's Lantern decanter was made in England for the British market.  It held after shave and dates somewhere in the 1970s.  It is molded from amber glass.  The bottom label is shown at right.

Life Ring Decanter - 1975 to 1976

old spice bottle

The Life Ring decanter (Product ID 3233) was sold from 1975 to 1976 and held 6 ounces of after shave.  It advertised the ability to cut a picture of your favorite person and paste it into the center of the ring - a glass life ring picture frame of sorts!

Lighthouse - 1974 to 1981

old spice bottleold spice bottleold spice bottle

Lighthouse Decanter                1973 packaging                    1977 packaging

old spice bottleold spice bottleold spice bottle

1978 packaging                    1980 packaging                    1984 packaging

old spice bottle
Perhaps the most common of the decanters the Lighthouse also had the longest shelf life as it was sold for eight years.  It held 6 ounces of after shave (Product ID 3828 and 38280). 

Queen Elizabeth 25th Jubilee - 1977

old spice bottle  old spice bottle

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen's Jubilee bottle was made for the British market and held 200 ml of after shave.

Scrimshaw Decanters - 1974 to 1976

old spice bottleold spice bottle

There were six styles of Scrimshaw Decanters sold from 1974 to 1976 (Product ID 3835 or 3838).  The bottles sported simulated scrimshaw depicting whaling or sailing imagery.  Packaging was clear plastic with the decanter on a silver plastic base.  Each decanter held 6 ounces of cologne.  Some were sold in gift sets with a scrimshaw soap on a rope.

Ship's Bell 1973

old spice bottle

The Ship's Bell decanter on the right (amber glass) was sold in the U.S. (Product ID 4355).  The bell on the left is a solid "gold" applied to glass with an embossed ship design; it was sold in Canada.  The Bells held 6 ounces of after shave.

Ships Magic and Whitestar - 1989old spice bottleold spice bottle

old spice bottle   

The Ship Magic commemorative flask (top two photos) was sold from 1989 to 1991 and held 6 ounces of after shave.  The canteen shaped bottle celebrates the Ship Magic, the winner of the first America's Cup race.Product ID 33500

I have less information on the White Star decanter.  The photo was provided by another collector.  The bottles are the same and I would date it from the late 1980s as well.  It was likely sold in the British market and commemorated the great White Star line.

Ship's Telegraph - 1983 to 1986 

old spice bottleold spice bottle

The photograph does not capture the gold color of this bottle because much of it has flaked away!  The Ship's Telegraph (Product ID 36280) in new condition is a bright gold.  It held 6 ounces of after shave.

Ship's Wheel - 1974 to 1984

old spice bottleold spice bottleold spice bottleold spice bottleold spice bottleold spice bottle

The top photos show the two styles of Ship's Wheel.  Though some of the gold "plating" has flaked off, the left wheel was a shiny gold color and sold from 1974 to 1976 (Product ID 3724).  The wheel on the right is a dull brassy finish and sold from 1977 to 1984 (Product ID 3829).  The four images directly above show the packaging from (left to right) 1975, 1977, 1980 and 1984.  This decanter held 6 ounces of after shave.

Here is another versiuon in the original packaging for the Eurpean market.

English Ship Wheel circa 1975

old spice bottle  Similar to the English Ship's Lantern above, this Ship's Wheel is also made from molded amber glass. 

Super Spark - Burley 1967 to 1973

old spice bottle  The Super Spark decanter held Burley and therefore dates between 1967 and 1973.  The decanter is in the shape of a spark plug. 

Flying Cloud Decanter - 1985 to 1990


old spice bottle
Bottle Front and Back

old spice bottle
1988-1991 Packaging

This decanter (Product ID 36300) commemorates the Clipper Ship Flying Cloud.

Super Bowl XX - 1985

old spice bottle  old spice bottle  Resembling the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy, this decanter was sold in 1985 to commemorate Super Bowl XX.  Held 6 ounces of after shave. 

Tankard Decanter - 1978 to 1981

old spice bottle   old spice bottle  The Tankard Decanter (Product ID 3629) held 6 ounces of after shave - shown here with a 1979 package.

Telescopes - 1973 to 1986

old spice bottle  Telescopes Styles 1973 to 1976 
old spice bottle  Telescope Styles 1977 to 1983 
old spice bottle  Changes in telescope sails 
The  telescope decanters first appeared in 1973 and showed up in various forms over the next 13 year.  In 1977 the design of the ship's sails changed slightly and serves as a useful dating tool.  Before 1977 the sails and top pennant have very straight edges; after 1977 the sails have curved edges and the pennant is wavy.  After about 1978 only the red telescope was sold.

The various bottles held the following content with associated product IDs.

Red After Shave:
    1973-1974: ID 4354
    1977-1979: ID 3837
    1981-1984: ID 3840
    1985-1986: ID 38400
Black After Shave:
    1975: ID 4354
Black Cologne:
    1976-1977: ID 3617
Green Lime:
    1973-1974: ID 3524
Tan Burley:
    1973: ID 3115

Canadian Ship Decanter

Another collector shared this item.  It is a black glass decanter in the shape of a clipper ship with a gold cap at the top.  The bottom is marked: " 3193 Shultoin Company Toronto Canada M1P 2M4.  Made for the Canadian market I would place it late 1970s to early 1980s.

White Porcelain Sailboat - 1983

old spice bottleThe porcelain sailboat decanter (Product ID 3627) sold in 1983 and held 6 ounces of after shave.  On the back is a small protrusion with a white plastic cap to dispense the product.  Attractive but not very practical to use daily!!  

Psychadelic Marble Bottle - Date Unknown

I don't know anything about this bottle!  It was shared by another collector.  If anyone has information about it, please contact me. Thanks.