Travel sets appeared in the 1940s and were sold with a variety of product options into the early 1990s.  For a complete list of Travel Gift Sets use the navigation button to the left.

The information provided below is useful in identifying a glass or plastic travel bottle.  The dating categories are within a year or two either way and shows the chronology and evolution of the packaging - from original style bottles through rectangular glass bottles with first metal then plastic caps, to all-plastic dispensers.  Most of the examples shown are of talc bottles.  The after shave version would have either a red plastic cap or a red rubber ring under the metal cap.  In a few cases a travel cologne bottle was offered, and it was distinguished by a blue cap.  The general bottle graphics and shape would be the same for all travel "flavors" within the same group.

Quick Picks: Glass Travel Bottles, Plastic Travel Bottles

Glass Travel Bottles


Travel Cap A

The Caps

The first travel bottles had the same style stoppers as the larger product bottles (top left).  By about 1950, with the introduction of the rectangular bottle, the metal bottle cap was used (second left) It had a red or white rubber ring to aid in sealing and slid on and off.  Around  1960, the plastic screw cap was introduced (third left), red or white, with a plain top, about 1/2 inch high with ridges on the outer surface.  By about 1965 the cap grew to 5/8 inch (when the shoulder of the bottle also changed) and a compass rose with the words "Old Spice" was embossed on top. The outer surface is smooth. (fourth left).

Plastic cap colors are as follows: Talcum, white; After Shave, red; Cologne, blue..

The  picture shows shows the progression of caps, shoulders and neck changes from the 1950s through the 1970s.

Talcum Shaker Tops

The pictures at left show the progression of Talcum Travel Bottle shakers. The first bottle had a metal insert on the top, a smaller scale of the full size product (top left). When the metal cap was introduced on the square style bottle, there was, beneath it, a white plastic insert with a shaker hole.  This insert was not removable (second left). With the white plastic screw caps, the shaker became a plastic disc with a center hole that pressed into the bottle opening (third left).
old spice bottleold spice bottle

Travel Style 1948

Travel sets were first introduced in 1948.    The talcum and after shave were in the "traditional" shape bottles but measured a mere 3.5 inches high by 1.25 inches in diameter.
old spice bottle
old spice bottle

Travel Style 1950

This Men's Travel Set included a tube of Lather shaving lather, after shave (2 3/8 oz.) and talc (1 3/8 oz.) (Product ID 386L).  This set also came with a tube of Brushless shave cream, which is blue instead of red.  The top set photo is from 1950, the middle set image is from 1957.  

The travel bottles in this style was sold from 1950 to 1958.  Not closely the lettering on the backs of the two bottles shown.  The upper bottle only lists Clifton, N.J., while the lower bottle also lists Toronto, Canada.  Canadian production of Old Spice began after 1948.
old spice bottle 

Travel Style 1955

In the mid-1950s, the bottle graphics were much improved.  Most of the earlier bottles today are quite faded as you can see above.  It isn't clear if they were manufactured that way or simply have faded.  But something changed in the mid fifties.  Not also that the back of the bottle has changed.  This bottle still uses the metal cap.
old spice bottle
old spice bottle

Travel Style 1960s Type I

Around the beginning of the 1960s several changes occur changes appear.  The shoulders of the bottle become slightly more rounded; the style of the ship changes, the type of contents appear below the ship and the information on the back changes.  These bottles continue to use the metal cap.
Here you can also see the red rubber ring on the after shave travel bottle

old spice bottle

Travel Style 1960s Type II

 This bottle is from the 1960s and have the first plastic caps.  The cap is about 1/2 inch tall and has ridges on the sides.  The top is plain.  The bottle has a very short neck with a single ring to engage the threads of the screw cap.  The AFter Shave bottle has a red cap.
old spice bottle
old spice bottle

Travel Style 1965

Around the mid-1960s the the bottle takes on a very short neck - that ring between the cap and the bottle.  The cap becomes a little taller compared to the earlier 1960s types and the compass rose with the words "Old Spice" in a center circle appear.

At the far bottom is a travel cologne bottle.  Note the blue cap designated cologne.
old spice bottle
old spice bottle

Travel Style mid 1970s

In mid 1970s the the graphics were removed from the back and the contents volume appeared on the front

By 1976 the glass bottles were no longer being sold.

Plastic Travel Bottles

old spice bottle

Plastic Travel 1959

The first plastic travel bottles were introduced in 1959 (Product ID 359).  The set included a 2 ounce white plastic bottle of after shave and a 1.5 ounce plastic spray bottle of cologne.  Note the red and white caps to distinguish the products.
old spice bottle

Plastic Travel 1963

Plastic travel bottles were introduced in 1963 (Product ID 3359).  This set shows After Shave (white) and a Spray Deodorant (blue).  Variations of packaging of this type travel bottle were made until 1979.

old spice bottle
1963 to 1973
old spice bottle
1973 to 1975
old spice bottle
1976 to 1978
old spice bottle
1979 to 1983
old spice bottle
1984 to 1989

The Red Plastic Traveler - 1963 to 1984

The red plastic traveler bottle was sold for about 20 years (Product ID 3718).  At left are changes that occurred to the packaging during that time.  The first bottle had gold imagery on the front.
old spice bottle

Lime Traveler - 1969

Not a popular item apparently as this traveler only sold for about a year or so.
old spice bottle

Plastic Travel 1980s

After shave and cologne bottles shown here to illustrate the bottle style of the 1980s.
old spice bottle

Plastic Travel 1984

Back to the traditional styling, this travel after shave container is all plastic, stands 4 inches tall and held 2-1/8 ounces. It was introduced in 1984.
old spice bottle

English Plastic Travel Bottle - circa 1980s

 A plastic bottle made in England holding moisturizing after shave.
old spice I am told by the collector who sent me this image that this is a German travel bottle.