From its inception, the Shulton Company was well ahead of its time in the creative use of packaging and product design.  Its original line of women's toiletries were sold in packages that could be reused as stationary boxes, sewing boxes or household organization.  This experience was applied to the line of men's toiletries, introduced in 1938, and helped Shulton's Old Spice for Men toiletries dominate the men's toiletry market for decades.

Using containers that looked like Colonial American pottery , and using a Colonial American nautical theme, Shulton capitalized on the national interest generated by the Rockefeller restoration of Colonial Williamsburg.  Old Spice for Men was sold extensively in gift packages, combining two or more products in a single package, and by the mid 1950s accounted for more than 50% of Christmas sales of men's toiletries.  For many of those early years Shulton never deviated from its $1.00 price bracket helping to cement generations of customer loyalty.

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