This page will help date Old Spice products that have original packaging. The information shows general package designs and the approximate dates they were in use. 
old spice packaging

1938 to 1941

The original packaging for gift sets and mugs was a cardboard box covered with a lithographed thin wood veneer.  The package showed the Ship Grand Turk on the top.  Around the sides were the Ship Mount Vernon, the Brig Experiment, Ship Friendship and Ship Recovery.  Since the wood veneer was lithographed in Japan, it was not available after 1941.


1942 to 1956

After 1941, the lithographed wood veneer was no longer available from Japan.  A cardboard box was in use until 1956.  Its color is a mottled yellow with a pebbly texture in an attempt to simulate the original wood veneer.  The graphics and ship designs are identical to the first box.
old spice packaging

old spice packaging

1955 to 1973

A major change in the ship logo first appeared in 1955 and continued in prominent use until 1973.  The ship takes on a more contemporary look.  The hull and masts are now black and the sails are white.

old spice packaging

1963 TO 1970

The gold compass rose first appeared on gift sets and other boxes in 1963 and was in use up until 1970.

1973 to 1976

In 1973, when American Cyanamid bought Shulton, the next major design change occurred.  A series of traditional paintings of Clipper Ships decorated the tops of the gift set boxes that were a bright red.  Shown here is the "Hamilton."  Other Clippers included the Wesley, Salem and the Birmingham.
old spice packaging

old spice packaging

1977 to 1981

In 1977 four gift set packaging designs were introduced and used until 1981.  Clockwise from the upper left image these were called: New Orleans Harbor Collection, San Francisco Harbor Collection, Savannah Harbor Collection and Mystic Harbor Collection.  The Savannah collection appears to be exclusively for travel sets.  This series also introduced the concept of picturing the contents of the gift set on the outer package against these water color prints.  This innovation remained in the packaging through the 1990s.   (My thanks to Scott Werthmann who introduced this packaging for Old Spice in 1977 and brought it to my attention.)


Post 1980

In the 1980s, the packaging for gift sets took on a very contemporary look, showing the products contained within.

old spice packaging

 Bottle Boxes

old spice packaging   old spice packaging old spice packaging 

1938 to 1942

The above images are taken from a 1940 sales catalog.  I can not be certain, but the boxes appear to be wrapped in paper.  I also cannot be certain of the color.  The y appear to be blue, but could have been red and printed in a "blue-tone: format.  In any event, the noticeable distinction in these earliest packages is the distinctive Early American scrollwork around the label.  They intentionally mimic the packaging of Early American apothecary stores.

old spice packaging   old spice packaging  old spice packaging

1942 to 1950s

old spice packagingIn the early 1940s a bottle box was produced with graphics all around. The box is red with white graphics and lettering.  The distinguishing features are the row of stars around the top and bottom, the ship graphic and the Old Spice logo in a scroll similar to the original packaging, shown here.

old spice packaging   old spice packaging  old spice packaging

1950 to 1955

In 1950 the packaging started to change again.  Note the after shave and cologne on the left:  The scroll work is gone around a "modernized" script Old Spice.  the words "Early American" appear above in a small arc.  A scrolled Old Spice is still printed in the box top.  Note the change has not affected the Talcum bottle yet - all three of these images are from the same page of 1952 catalog.  The boxes were red with white graphics and lettering.

old spice packaging old spice packaging old spice packaging

1955 to 1963

By 1955 the transition to a more modern package is complete.  The words "Early American" no longer appear above  "Old Spice" which itself is in a larger more prominent font.  The scrollwork is also gone from the box top.  The stars remain.

old spice packaging  old spice packaging   old spice packaging

1963 to 1980

By 1963, the ship logo on the bottle boxes changed to the new black and white style and moves front and center.  Note that the Cologne box changed in 1967.  See below.

1967 to 1980 Cologne

old spice packaging In 1967 the Cologne box changed.  The stars are gone and the word "Cologne" is more prominent with a more diminutive "for men" below.

There were no changes to the After Shave or Talcum boxes.

old spice packaging

1981 to 1990s

This logo change occurred in 1980.  The distinctive blue stripe with the words "Old Spice" is still in use today. Sometime in the late nineties, however, the traditional three-masted ship was replaced with a very contemporary racing yacht.  At this time Cologne for Men became known as Long Lasting Cologne.

From the 1980s a collector shared this original box with a coupon inside.  For obvious reasons not many of these would have survived.

old spice packaging

Mid 1990s

This new package and look was introduced in the mid 1990s.  The old clipper ships were replaced by contemporary racing yachts.  This package design change raised a good bit of ire among the traditional "Old Spicers!"