Over the years, Shulton provided a variety of shaving soaps, lathers and accessories.  The items listed on this page were included as premiums with other toiletry products generally produced during the 1980s.  Go to Shaving Home for a complete listing of Old Spice Shaving Soaps and Lathers, etc.

Quick Picks: Ceramic Wall Mounted Razor Holder; Early Safety Razor; Brass Razor Handle; Razor, Brush & Ceramic Stand; Chrome Brush & Razor Stand; Razor & Blades; Razor & Travel Case; Shaving Brushes

Ceramic Wall Mount

old spice shaving products This white ceramic wall mount with the characteristic Old Spice logo came with the silver razor.  When mounted on the wall the razor hung from the two prongs.  Date uncertain but before 1980 based upon the box logo - probably from the 1970s.

Early Safety Razor

I don't know much about this safety razor shared by another collector.  I am guessing it is from the 1960's.

Brass Razor Handle - 1985

old spice shaving products  This solid brass razor handle came in gift set 33110 with after shave and super rich shave cream.

Razor Brush & Stand - 1980s

old spice shaving products This yellow porcelain rack held a brush and a razor.  Note the Old Spice logo on the holder and the brush.  The razor is brass-plated heavy cast metal; "Old Spice®" appears in small script on the right side of the handle near the blade holder.  These were made in the mid-1980s.

Chrome Razor & Brush Stand - 1987

old spice shaving products  This razor and brush stand in nickel plate chrome finish dates from 1987.  The stand is 6.5 inches high.

Razor & Blades - 1980s

old spice shaving products  This razor set included five Wilkinson blades.  I suspect this is from the 1980s.

Razor & Travel Case - 1989

old spice shaving products 
This little razor and travel case was sold in 1989 based on the packaging style, the ship with white sails and black body.

Shaving Brushes

old spice shaving products
On the top left is a brush from the late 1970s.  It was included in a Mystic Harbor gift set with a mug and a bottle of after shave.  ITop right is a nice boar bristle brush with a brown plastic handle.  It is marked "Made in W. Germany." On the bottom left  is a brush that came with the Blue/Black Mug in 1985 and with the yellow porcelain stand, above.  Bottom right is a brush of unknown age and origin.