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Valuing or Pricing Collectibles

While I can help identifying an Old Spice item and comment on its "rarity," I WILL NOT SUGGEST VALUES OR PRICES, so please don't ask.

eBay has become the great equalizer for collectibles by eliminating geographic markets.  The good news is that you now have access to collectibles from all over the world, not just your local antique store or flea market.  The bad news is you are now competing with collectors from all over the world and prices may be different from your local flea market.

If you are selling or buying an item, you will find the "value" will depend on how many are also available and how enthusiastic the buyers are during your auction.  I have seen items sell for $20 or $30 and the next week, five more won't even get a bid.  To get a sense of what something might be worth, search eBay's "ended" auctions (available through "advanced" search).  It will show you how many have been listed recently, what people were asking, whether they sold and for how much.

In terms of valuing, here are a few pointers.  Condition is everything, original packaging always brings a premium.  Older products also tend to be more desirable than items made since the 1970s and 1980s, mostly because of the volume produced.  Shaving mugs and fragrance bottles are quite common, but the Hull Pottery mugs and bottles are more collectible as there are fewer of them and they also appeal to Hull Pottery collectors. Early gift sets with original packaging may also bring a premium.  And unused or sealed product in original packaging can bring top dollar.