Shown here are several products sold by Shulton variously described as lotions or conditioners, generally for the face. Outdoor Lotion, Pro-Electric Roll-On,

Quick Picks: Electric Shave, Pre-Electric Shave Lotion, Pro-Electric Shave Lotion, Pro-Electric Before Shave Lotion, Outdoor Lotion, Pro-Electric Roll-On, Skin Conditioner, Conditioning After Shave

Electric Shave - 1954 to 1956

Electric shave was a short lived product, only sold from 1954 to 1956 (product id 368).
old spice lotions old spice lotions

Pre-Electric Shave Lotion - 1956 to 1959 and 1976 to 1991

Pre-Electric Shave was introduced in 1956 in a3.75 ounce bottle, and sold until 1959 (product id 368).   It made a come back in 1976 in a 2.25 oz. bottle (product id 3635) and 5.0 oz. bottle (product id 3636).   From 1981 to 1984 Pre-Electric Shave Lotion was sold in a 4.25 oz. bottle as product id 3637, and from 1985 to 1991 as product id 36370.
old spice lotions
1956 to 1959 
 old spice lotions
`976 to 1980
old spice lotions
1981 to 1991
 old spice lotions
Pre Electric Canadian - 1950s to 1960s

Pro-Electric Shave Lotion 1960

old spice lotions
In 1960, Pro-Electric Shave Lotion was introduced and sold in a 2 ounce bottle (product id 361) and a 4 oz. bottle (product id 362).

Pro-Electric Before Shave Lotion 1961 to 1975

old spice lotions
1961 (left)  1960 (right) 
old spice lotions
old spice lotions
old spice lotions
 old spice lotions
Canadian Pro-Electric

In 1961 "Pro-Electric Shave Lotion" was changed to Pro-Electric Before Shave Lotion, perhaps out of consumer confusion about how to use the product.  Not an after shave, this product was to be applied to the beard before using your electric shaver.  Also at this time the 2 oz. bottle was sold as product id 3610, and a 3.75 oz. bottle replaced the 4 oz. bottle as product id 3611.  The 3.75 oz. bottle sold from 1962 to 1970.  In 1970 the volume began appearing on the bottle.  From 1973 to 1975, product id 3611 once again held 4 oz. and a larger 7 oz. bottle sold as product id 4363.    Note in 1973 the man's hairstyle on the box was "updated!" Also shown is a product for the Canadian market.

Outdoor Lotion - 1962 to 1964

old spice lotions  old spice lotions
Outdoor Lotion sold as product id product id 3210.  The back label is also shown.

Pro-Electric Roll-On Before-Shave Lotion - 1962 to 1975


Pro-Electric Roll-On Before-Shave Lotion sold in a 3 oz. bottle as product id 3640.    

After Shave Skin Conditioner - 1965 to 1982

old spice lotions
old spice lotions
old spice lotions

After Shave Skin Conditioner was introduced in 1965 and sold until around 1982 (product id 3750; 4.75 oz.).  In 1976, the product is renamed "Old Spice Skin Conditioner" and the bottle graphics change: the ship moves to the bottom.  In 1978 the product name was again changed to "After Shave Conditioner."

Conditioning After Shave - 1984 to 1991

old spice lotions
1984 to 1987
old spice lotions
1988 to 1991
This plastic bottle of conditioning after shave was introduced in 1984 as product id 3709; in 1985 into the 1990s, the product id was 37090.    It held 4.25 ounce

Lime Body Rub 1970s

A collector shared this with me.  Not exactly a lotion but a product sold as an all over fragrance lotion.